Good night, Internet… sort of.

At ~21:30 the brain and body are definitely slowing down, as they should about now. BUT.. it will be a little while before I can put head to pillow.

Sylvia was doing some laundry out in the garage when she found our electric dryer wasn’t working. Huh. It worked fine for me on Monday when I put two loads through it.

We scouted around and found that the dryer is on its own circuit. None of the fuses in the main fuse boxes in the garage run it. Instead, the wire from that plug leads directly to a very old-style fuse box on an outside wall of the garage. When I opened the box, Sylvia said the lights of the dryer flashed on for a brief moment then went dead again. At least we now know where the problem is.

Tomorrow when the sun comes up I’ll take a picture of the box and send it to our landlord. Then I’ll give him a call. He’s real good about fixing problems, so I’m sure he’ll have someone come out soon. But for now, we have two loads of wet clothes to dry. So Sylvia and I will be heading out to a laundry-mat as soon as her second load is ready. And that should be pretty soon.

When we get back with the dry clothes, I’ll be headed straight to bed.

I’ll get back to you on Friday. Be well, folks.

Good morning, Internet, and Happy Thursday.

And Happy 1st day of August.

Chores of the day common to the 1st of every month include paying the 1st batch of the month’s bills (for the most part, I divide my bill paying between those I take care of at or near the 1st of the month, and those others I pay at mid-month), and changing the pages in my paper day planner from the old month to the new. I find myself moving smoothly through those chores at the moment, and find comfort in the structure set in place to manage my affairs.

Being comfortable is a nice way to start the month. Here’s hoping we all can enjoy a comfortable day today.