Good night, Saturday

At ~ 21:15 I’m heading for bed, happy to note that this has been a quiet, restful day.

I did get a fair amount of work done in the back yard, but didn’t knock myself out doing it. And I moved in all my active correspondence chess games.

After watching Wonder Woman and Svengoolie, my two Saturday night TV shows, I’m properly relaxed and looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Wishing you all a good night, too.

See you on Sunday.

The backyard project: part one

Work is finally underway on a project I’ve thought about for years. The monster bushes seen here intruding into the yard originally stretched from one end of the back yard to the other along the back fence. Using only non-powered hand tools I’m in the process of clearing them away.

Sylvia says she’d like to see a little vegetable garden back there, while I’m thinking of building a little gazebo. But first the bushes have to go. After they’re gone we’ll see what comes next.