Good night, Internet.

This has been a good Sunday.

Sitting here in the home office doing my nightly review of the day just completed, I was surprised at everything accomplished. No wonder I’m tired. Ha!

This morning’s Corporate Mass was particularly enjoyable. Since I didn’t have any special, time-consuming chores during the service I was able to do more relaxed socializing with my brother Knights than is usually the case at our monthly Mass.

A nice dinner with Sylvia at one of our favorite restaurants after Mass was followed by a quick grocery shopping trip, a light nap taken while listening to my Texas Rangers win their MLB game over the Detroit Tigers on the radio, then work on all my chess games. and a little relaxing yard work to wrap up the day.

And now that bed across the room is looking awfully inviting.

Good night, Internet. I’ll check in with you again tomorrow.

Good morning everyone, and Happy Sunday!

You know, despite all the ugliness in the world that tends to dominate the news cycle these days, we do have our Sundays. And that’s something to be very thankful for!

I hope we all have a blessed day.