Good night, Monday

Before the brain turns completely into jelly, (I’ve been trying my hand at computer programming today, something I’ve not done for many, many years! Long hours today typing terminal commands, staring at the computer screen, and trying to follow instructions that are incomplete in many critical instances, has my old eyeballs about to fall out of my head and my mind about to tie itself into knots.) let me wish us all a good night and a restful sleep.

I’ll see you tomorrow, Lord willing.

Good morning everyone, and Happy Monday!

So this morning I’ve made the coffee double-strength, like I used to. And at mid-morning (it’s ~ 08:45 as I sit here in front of the computer) I’m noting an interesting dynamic to today’s waking-up process. I wonder if the two are related.

That dynamic: visual images, especially one image, from last night’s dream are replaying themselves vividly in my mind. The images aren’t unpleasant, thank God. And I am thankful that my current station in life, being fully retired with the opportunity to spend huge slabs of time in solitude if I choose, allows me to experience this phenomenon calmly, and not have it interfere with any ongoing activities.

If your Monday is interesting, I hope it’s interesting in a good way. As for me, I’m going to have some more of that coffee! HA!

I’ll get back to you later, folks. 😀