Good night, Monday…

The fog of tonight’s sleep is starting to settle in so I had better post this quickly and step away from the keyboard before I break something, or something. Good things don’t happen when I work at the computer with one eye shut. And the eyelids are getting heavy.

This has been a good day mostly because I remembered my intention from this morning to live it in moderation. Yesterday’s big day left me more exhausted than I expected. The laundry did get done but I had to cancel my attendance at tonight’s meeting. I was just too wiped out to be anything more than a grumpy lump in a chair.

After a good night’s sleep, which I truly hope comes my way, tomorrow should be a better, more active day. I’ll get back to you then. Sweet dreams, everyone.

Good morning , folks, and Happy Monday!

The fog of last night’s sleep is slowly lifting, and this first cup of the day’s coffee tastes mighty good.

Monday is my laundry day, so that chore is on today’s task list. And there will be a business meeting tonight for me to attend, too.

The weather will be extremely hot AGAIN, even by South Texas standards. As this stretch of hot days wears on, moderating my activities will be important. Cultivating the habit of midday siestas, sleeping through the heat of the day, is something I’m certainly considering.

I’ll get back to you later, folks.