Good night, Tuesday

At ~20:45 I can look back on the day now ending with a sense of satisfaction. I didn’t break anything. And I was able to stay in under the a/c pretty much all day!

It was nice to receive positive feedback this morning from the folks to whom I sent pictures taken at Sunday’s BBQ plate sale. Kind words are always nice to hear.

I did sign up for two additional correspondence chess tourneys. Hope I don’t live to regret that. As long as I can spend at least an hour a day working on my games, the load I have isn’t too bad.

Wednesday’s schedule looks pretty good from where I’m sitting. Unless life throws me a curve ball, I expect tomorrow to be a day very much like today has been, and if it turns out that way I’ll be one happy old boy!

Here’s hoping we all have a good night. I’ll get back to you tomorrow.