Good night Wednesday…

This has been another quiet day in the Roscoe-verse. Too quiet, darn it.

The heat and humidity has kept the “real feel” temperature in this part of South Texas hovering around 110F every day for the past week and looks to hold for another week. This is hot enough to keep me indoors. It is frustrating not to be out walking, or doing my yard work, or getting some kind of healthy outdoor exercise.

Another frustration is waiting for my new glasses to come in. The eye doctor told me two weeks ago that my vision with the glasses I’m now wearing is only corrected to 20/70. So I ordered new specs right then and there. But due to the strength of my new prescription I was told it would be two or three weeks before the new glasses would arrive. Today it’s been exactly two weeks, and I’m still patiently waiting.

I am hoping for a good night’s sleep tonight, and for a good day tomorrow. And I’m hoping the same for you. I’ll see you then.

Good morning and Happy Humpday!

So we’ve reached the middle of another week. Good for us. There is a certain sense of accomplishment that comes with having made it this far without encountering any major problems.

Let’s hope that this Wednesday can proceed smoothly and not hit us with anything disturbing. I’ll check back with you later.