Good night, Thursday.

Feeling tired but feeling better; that pretty much sums up my condition tonight.

In spite of this heat wave I did manage to get in some exercise today. Thank God! The two-mile walk to my barber shop and back home went well. It went much better than it otherwise would have because I used my walking stick. The walking stick forces me to walk with better posture and with a measured, sensible stride. Without it my form tends to get sloppy and I tire more easily.

And it was good to make it to Noon Mass today. Especially with a good haircut.

Of course, all this exercise today means that tomorrow will have to be quiet, with minimal physical activity. I can deal with that. Work day, followed by rest day, followed by work day, etc. If I can stagger my days like that we’ll be fine.

Now at ~20:30 I can feel the drowsiness starting to build up to a serious level, so I’d better sign off. I’ll get back to you tomorrow, folks.

President Trump is absolutely right!

Despite the hysterical fear-mongering you may hear from the MSM and the liberal financial press, the United States is NOT in any danger of suffering much if anything from the recession happening in other parts of the world!