Good night, Thursday.

Feeling tired but feeling better; that pretty much sums up my condition tonight.

In spite of this heat wave I did manage to get in some exercise today. Thank God! The two-mile walk to my barber shop and back home went well. It went much better than it otherwise would have because I used my walking stick. The walking stick forces me to walk with better posture and with a measured, sensible stride. Without it my form tends to get sloppy and I tire more easily.

And it was good to make it to Noon Mass today. Especially with a good haircut.

Of course, all this exercise today means that tomorrow will have to be quiet, with minimal physical activity. I can deal with that. Work day, followed by rest day, followed by work day, etc. If I can stagger my days like that we’ll be fine.

Now at ~20:30 I can feel the drowsiness starting to build up to a serious level, so I’d better sign off. I’ll get back to you tomorrow, folks.

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