Good night, Tuesday

At approx. 22:00 I’m about to close the book on another good day. This “nothing” day has been restful and recuperative just as I hoped it would be. Two naps today helped: one about 1/2 hour long came in the late morning, and I surprised myself by drifting into another that was nearly an hour long in the late afternoon.

Tomorrow’s “something” day will start early and will include a trip to the eye doctor’s office to pick up the new pair of eye glasses. These should make a significant difference in how I see. And I am REALLY looking forward to that.

The triple-digit heat continues, so I’ll be asking Sylvia to drive me around tomorrow. That will save me from the three-mile walk I’d otherwise be making from the house, to the bus stop, to the eye doctor, and back again. That’s really a pleasant walk when the weather is moderate, and I do need that exercise, but under this heat… nah.

Hoping for a good night’s sleep for all of us. I’ll check back with you tomorrow.

Good morning, Tuesday

At approx. 08:00, the day ahead looks easy. For those keeping score, this will be a “nothing” day sandwiched, as all “nothing” days are, between two “something” days. Yesterday saw me working through quite a few chores, and tomorrow will be pretty busy, too. Today will have me resting from the former while saving my strength for the later. Ordering my days like this seems to be working quite well.

One thing on today’s agenda will be a serious siesta. Last night’s sleep was very short, so a good nap will be called for to catch up on what was missed.

Hope we all have a great day! I’ll check back with you later.