Good night, Wednesday

At approx. 21:30 I’m sitting at my computer wearing the new eyeglasses. Glad to have them, but they’ll take some getting used to. With prescriptions as strong as mine, that’s always the case.

Weather-wise things have been strange today. Dust from the Sahara Desert has blown across the Atlantic Ocean and over the Gulf of Mexico. to give us here in South Texas a special flavor to our air. And it’s not a good flavor, let me tell you. It’s made for some interesting sunsets, but it’s also played hell with the sinuses of those of us affected by that crap. Yep, misery took a 7,200 mile trip just to inflict itself on us.

Other than that, the day has been moderately productive. I’ve not gotten to many of my chess games, but I’m not in time trouble in any of them. There’ll be plenty of time tomorrow to work on them.

Speaking of tomorrow, let me take this opportunity to wish all of us a good one. I’ll be signing off now, and I’ll see you then.

Good night, everyone.

Good morning, Wednesday

At 08:30 the day’s second cup of coffee has been drunk and I’m ready for the third. The sun is shining brightly and this day promises to be a good one in the Roscoe-verse.

My ride should be here soon to take me into town where I have a few chores to run. One of those chores, as I mentioned last night, is picking up my new eye glasses.

Hoping we all have a Happy Humpday, I’ll check back with you later.