Good night, Thursday

At~21:00 with the evening’s chores mostly out of the way, it’s time to think seriously about going to bed.

Sylvia made a run to Walmart and we’ll finish watching our TV show when she gets back. I’ll probably stay up for a few minutes after that to visit with her since she’ll be gone for much of the weekend. But then I’ll definitely be putting head to pillow.

Never did get any real siesta time in today, so sleep ought to come pretty easily tonight.

I pulled a couple of old computers out of the garage today, and I’m working this moment on one of them. It’s a seven year old System 76 box running Ubuntu 12.04. Can’t do much with it. But I can use a text editor and get online to this blog.

The other computer isn’t quite as old, but it’s not wifi enabled. I intend to cannabalize its 1TB hard drive and put it in a mobile enclosure. Then I’ll back up the data on my main working computer to that HD prior to wiping it’s hard drive and doing a clean install of the latest Linux Mint OS.

Hopefully I’ll have that project wrapped up by this time next week. We’ll see.

Good night, folks. I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

Good morning, Thursday

After a very short night’s sleep I’ve been up for nearly six hours and definitely, DEFINITELY feel a well-deserved nap approaching.

The very early morning has been productive: bill-paying online, cancelling some accounts that have proved to be nonprofitable wastes of time and money, refocusing and adjusting my online presence, etc.

So, yeah… I’m thinking a good nap is in order.

We’ll check back with you later today.