Good night, Friday.

Oh, the eyes are burning and the eylids are getting heavy.

Listening to local talk radio while waiting by the phone. Sylvia said she’d call when she, her cousin, and her neice checked into the hotel. The girls are going fishing on the Gulf coast and, according to my best estimate of the drive time between here and there, that call should come within the next hour or so.

Tomorrow morning will be spent cleaning up the front room and garage from today’s computer work. It took awhile, rummaging through boxes to find the cables, etc. to hook things up. There’s not a whole lot of cleaning to be done, just putting things back in their proper place. Should take less than an hour, much less.

And I’m toying with the idea of going to Saturday evening Mass, but I’ll wait until later tomorrow to decide about that. If not Saturday evening, then Sunday morning for sure.

Let me wish us all a good night’s sleep. I’ll try to start mine right after that phone call comes. And I’ll check back with you on Saturday morning.

Early evening, Friday

Working today with the two old desktop computers pulled out of the garage yesterday, I’ve learned there’s a lot I can still do with the older of them. Pictured above is a test page printed by the old computer on my production printer, and scanned by the old computer using my flat bed scanner.

This post is being written on a text editor in the old machine and will be uploaded to the Roscoe’s Story blog using an early version of the lightweight Midori browser, the only working browser on this old computer.

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Good morning, Friday

Good midmorning, folks. The sun is shining brightly out there and it’s hot, like it’s supposed to be this time of year in South Texas.

Today will find me working with the old computers again. This is proving to be surprisingly relaxing. Oh sure, there’s a lot that simply can’t be done with this ancient hardware, but adjusting my activity to what I CAN do with this stuff is more fun than frustrating.

After a few poor nights’ sleeps, even by my insomniac standars, it was good to get a normal one last night. Normal for me, that is. A 4-hour sleep segment was followed by an insomnia breal of 1 1/2 hours, then another 1 1/2 hour sleep. Now if I can top all that off with a god nap sometime today, I’ll be in fine shape – sleep-wise.

Hope we all have a good Friday. I’ll check back with you later.