Good night, Saturday

At ~21:00 I’m breaking with tradition. Ordinarily I’d be watching Svengoolie on MeTV, but the movie he’s showing tonight is one I’ve seen before and not enjoyed at all. Following a tip from an online SciFi group, I’ve tuned into Mission Stardust, a weirdly entertaining 1967 movie.

The cleaning chore I’d set for this morning was accomplished before Noon. And I take some satisfaction in that. I watered the vines in the front yard, and moved my trash bins to the east side of the house. The neighbor on the west side has a big dog that annoys the crap out of me whenever I moved the trash bins where they were previously kept. And I wiped the hard drive on this computer and did a fresh install of a new Operating System. So much for the day’s chores.

Never did make it to the Saturday evening Mass, so I’ll try to go to a Sunday morning Mass instead.

Hopefully the neighbors across the street will stop playing their music so darned loud. I’d really like a good night’s sleep. But I’ll take what I can get. And I’ll get back to you in the morning.

Good morning, Saturday

Ah, Saturday morning. A fresh new day opening quietly. Let’s hope it stays that way.

The plans I had in mind for today when I went to bed last night are still in place: morning cleanup, evening Mass, and Svengoolie at night. The makings of a pretty good day in the Roscoe-verse.

I hope we all have a pretty good day. We’ll check back with you all later.