Good night, Thursday

Well, this is a nice change. The radio station I usually go to sleep with is playing College Football. Rather than the talk show they usually broadcast, tonight I’ve got Texas A&M vs. Texas State.

For this being a “nothing” day, coming as it is after yesterday’s “something” day, and designed to give me recuperative rest, I actually got some good work in. Nothing back-breaking, mind you, but some very noticeable organizing work back here in the home office. Bedtime finds me in a much neater room. And I really like that. Should make for a better sleep, don’t you think.

Think I’ll place a quick Amazon order before I hit the sack. Sylvia’s doctor wants her to start taking fish oil capsules, and he says it wouldn’t hurt me to start taking it too. Hope it’s not too expensive. I’ll find out in a few minutes.

And then I’ll be heading to bed. I’ll check back with you tomorrow. Goon night, folks.

Good morning, Thursday

It appears that an “old normal” sleep pattern has returned. For the last few nights my sleeps have been between four and six hours in length, and those sleeps have been segmented with insomnia breaks an hour or more in length dividing those segments. And the sleeps have generally been dream-heavy. Odd that. There’ve been no significant changes in my medication nor in my diet.

Last night’s dream was a doozy! In it I struggled to kill a small fox by smashing it under a rug with my body weight and punches and stomps. The fox had been attacking a little girl and the only way to stop the attacks was to kill it. I woke from that dream with arms and shoulders sore from all the punching. Huh!

Once again I’ll be working in the home office with blinds open. Hopefully this will act as a deterrent today, as it apparently did yesterday, to whatever miscreants had been messing around in my front yard. It may be that knowing I can see them is enough to keep them away. Whatever. If that’s all it takes I’ll gladly work back here with the blinds open from now on.

The day’s task list isn’t long and, unless life throws me a curve ball, the day should unfold nicely. I hope it does. And I hope you have a nice day, too. I’ll check back with you later.