Good night, Thursday

Well, this is a nice change. The radio station I usually go to sleep with is playing College Football. Rather than the talk show they usually broadcast, tonight I’ve got Texas A&M vs. Texas State.

For this being a “nothing” day, coming as it is after yesterday’s “something” day, and designed to give me recuperative rest, I actually got some good work in. Nothing back-breaking, mind you, but some very noticeable organizing work back here in the home office. Bedtime finds me in a much neater room. And I really like that. Should make for a better sleep, don’t you think.

Think I’ll place a quick Amazon order before I hit the sack. Sylvia’s doctor wants her to start taking fish oil capsules, and he says it wouldn’t hurt me to start taking it too. Hope it’s not too expensive. I’ll find out in a few minutes.

And then I’ll be heading to bed. I’ll check back with you tomorrow. Goon night, folks.