Good morning, Friday


After a much longer sleep than normal last night, I’m finding it very difficult to wake up this morning. Wake fully up, that is. I’m blaming the allergy season for that.

Every year for the past several years, at this time of year, late August and early September, the allergy monster invades my body and brings with it the usual nastiness. Vertigo, spotty loss of hearing, headaches, swollen joints and joint pain, general zombiefication, etc.: not things I like, but things I’ve come to accept. Every year. At about this time of year.

Early morning hours are usually the worst for the above mentioned symptoms, before the allergy meds kick in. So it’s important to schedule my projects and chores and the dosing with the meds accordingly. I look at this as just another form of time management. And I take my time management seriously. Got to.

Hope we all have a good day today, folks. I’ll get back to you later.

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