Good morning, Thursday

It appears that an “old normal” sleep pattern has returned. For the last few nights my sleeps have been between four and six hours in length, and those sleeps have been segmented with insomnia breaks an hour or more in length dividing those segments. And the sleeps have generally been dream-heavy. Odd that. There’ve been no significant changes in my medication nor in my diet.

Last night’s dream was a doozy! In it I struggled to kill a small fox by smashing it under a rug with my body weight and punches and stomps. The fox had been attacking a little girl and the only way to stop the attacks was to kill it. I woke from that dream with arms and shoulders sore from all the punching. Huh!

Once again I’ll be working in the home office with blinds open. Hopefully this will act as a deterrent today, as it apparently did yesterday, to whatever miscreants had been messing around in my front yard. It may be that knowing I can see them is enough to keep them away. Whatever. If that’s all it takes I’ll gladly work back here with the blinds open from now on.

The day’s task list isn’t long and, unless life throws me a curve ball, the day should unfold nicely. I hope it does. And I hope you have a nice day, too. I’ll check back with you later.

Good night, Wednesday

Time to put the lid on another good day.

The big event of the day was tonight’s Assembly meeting. And it went very well, I’m happy to say. There were no points of contention that weren’t handled smoothly. A relaxed, friendly atmosphere permeated the whole affair from beginning to end.

Throughout the day before leaving for the meeting I kept the blinds open here in the home office. Usually they’re closed and the room is kept semi-dark so the computer screens can be more easily seen. Small lamps illuminate the keyboards and the desk areas where I need to read and write but, other than that, I try to keep the lighting sort of cave-like. The blinds were open today so I could keep an eye on the front yard. There was some suspicious activity out there yesterday and I wanted to see exactly who was doing what. Luckily nothing out of the ordinary happened today.

Bedtime tonight finds me relaxed and looking forward to a good sleep. I hope one comes. And I hope you have a good one, too. I’ll check back with you tomorrow.