New to the sidebar of my blog…

… and near the top of that sidebar, there now appear links to recent statuses posted to my roscoedon Instance in the fediverse.

At the present time I’ve set my Roscoe’s Story blog to echo links to new posts over to the fediverse, and links to original statuses from my fediverse Instance will appear in this blog’s sidebar.

It remains to be seen how I can best make use of this setup. Posting to the blog requires for me to be sitting in front of the computer at home, while I can easily add statuses to the fediverse from my phone wherever I am (as long as I can reach the Internet – I suppose.)

Like so many other things I do, this is project is a work in progress. And we’ll see how it works out.

Oh, I should mention that the server where my fediverse Instance is hosted is physically located in France and statuses will carry a timestamp from there, while my home computer lives in South Texas with me. So there may appear to be some differences in the dates of blog posts and fediverse statuses. Don’t let that throw you, kids.

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