Good night, Tuesday

Though it got off to a very sleepy start (I fell asleep in the recliner and had to give Sylvia a 2nd wake up call to get her up and on her way to work) the day did become productive.

As I’ve been threatening for the last week or so (threatening myself), I finally started podcasting. No, I’m not using Sound Cloud, or PodBean, or any other "service" to do this. I’m just talking into my phone, recording with a basic voice recorder app, and posting the resulting mp3 file to this blog. Super, super simple.

Eventually I’ll add a page to my Roscoe’s Story website to store the podcasts in an archive for anyone who ever wants to listen to them. Maybe I’ll start on that tomorrow. Eventually, for sure

All things considered, this has been a good Tuesday in the Roscoe-verse. I’ll check back with you tomorrow.

And podcast #1 is now posted.

For the first time in, heck, I think it has been about ten years… I podcast. This is a very short, one minute file in which I basically say, “Hi there, I am going to start doing this.

As anybody in the world will tell you, I am NOT a telephone person. Talking face to face is okay by me, whether one on one or in front of groups of people. But I seriously despise trying to hold a voice conversation over the phone, or over any of the voice or video chat clients popular these days.

There are those who say, “But Roscoe, I just want to hear your voice.” Really. I get that from time to time.

When I did the podcasting thing many years ago some folks were glad that I was doing it. Especially my brother Steve, who has since departed this mortal coil. And I’m glad he and I shared that experience.

As mentioned in this podcast I plan to post these things on a semi-regular basis, perhaps weekly. Until I choose a regular topic, I’ll speak about whatever is on my mind. Those of you whom I rarely see, and those of you whom I have yet to meet will be kept up to date on what I’m up to, etc.

So let’s just see how this works. Okay? Okay.