Roscoe’s Story is my personal website.

About this website:

You will notice two columns on this website’s front page: a wider column with a darker gray background on the right; and a slightly narrower column on the left with a lighter gray background. These two columns serve different purposes.

The wider column on the right will contain memes and quotes I find at other places on the Internet. They will usually reflect, to one degree or another, my own attitudes. Their posting will be updated daily, usually, as my schedule permits. And they are here for our entertainment and edification.

The narrower column on the left also appears on most pages of this website. It is full of links to other pages and places on the Internet where I write, where I can be found and contacted, and where I spend much of my online life. Please feel free to explore these links at your leisure.

About me:

I’m a retired man living in a committed relationship with a wonderful woman. We currently reside in South Texas but we intend to move to the Philippines as soon as we can.

My political views tend to be traditionally conservative, as that label is currently understood in the United States. I consider myself a Traditional Catholic, am active at my local Parish, and am an active member of the Knights of Columbus.

An active correspondence chess player, I play as I always have, with more passion than skill.

Thanks for visiting.