Good night, Sunday…

As days go, you have been another good one, I am happy to say. Social contact out in the real world was friendly, and I moved through the Internet world without breaking anything and without becoming overly annoying (I hope). Chores were handled smoothly and efficiently. And all of this under high-pollen conditions. Thank God for Zyrtec, I say.

Now Sunday, if you can bring me as much sleep as last night, and as entertaining a dream, that will be just peachy. Okay? Okay.

Turning to audiobooks now…

… I’ve started a scary one, The Thing From the Lake. This being the pre-Halloween month, it only seems right to start with a book like this one. Eleanor Ingram is a new author for me, and I found her book listed in the horror audiobook section at Podbean a few minutes ago. This is a free Librivox reading of the book and so far I’m liking it.

As reading becomes more tedious for me, even on a Kindle where I make the font really large, I’ll probably be doing the audiobook thing with some regularity. The eyes are definitely crapping out, but there’s nothing wrong with my ears. We’ll see how this works.


As I move through the day’s chores, there’s a question shadowing me: is it time to give podcasting another try?

As my eyesight continues to fail, reading anything on a computer screen (or on anything else) is becoming more of a chore.

I’ve dabbled with podcasting in the past but have never stuck with it. These days there’s all kinds of software and services designed to make it easier, so… maybe. I’m thinking about it.

After the morning’s first cup of coffee…

… I have become so relaxed that I might be able to catch a few more Z’s. Sometimes coffee has that effect on me. And I drink strong, dark roast.

Looks like my morning schedule will allow for that. Nothing happening until 10:00 Mass, and that’s 3 1/2 hours away. Hmm… Should I try?

In tonight’s battle…

…of sleep vs. insomnia, which will win? I dunno.

For those keeping score, we started with 3 hours of sleep. That has been followed by 2 hrs of insomnia. And my first alarm is set to go off in 2 1/2 hrs.

I’m wanting to put head to pillow soon and I’m hoping for more sleep. But like I said,… I dunno.

Good morning, Monday…

Still waiting for the fog of last night’s sleep to fully lift. Double-dosed the allergy meds a few minutes ago, so that should help. Good hot coffee is in my mug and more is in the pot, that should help too.

The bathroom scales were very kind to me this morning, as was my blood pressure machine. Better numbers than expected from both help me face this day with confidence.

The jump start on my chores from yesterday’s prep work has me feeling good about that part of my day, too.

Now if only that head fog would lift… Think I’ll get another mug of coffee right now, and I’ll get back with you all later. Until then, I hope you all have a fine day.

Good night, Sunday…

As another day winds down I’m happy to note it’s been a good one.

Lectoring at 10:00 Mass went well. I arrived plenty early which helped, it gave me time to review the “Announcements After Mass” beforehand in order to be more comfortable reading them when the time came to do that. The Cantor was absent so it fell to me to lead the Responsorial Psalm, but the choir was present and they were able to sing the “Alleluia” before the Gospel reading. Glad I didn’t have to do that. Heh. This was our Knights of Columbus Council monthly Corporate Mass and it’s always good to work together with my brother Knights.

Relaxing at home through the afternoon and evening I was able to do prep work for the weekly and monthly chores.

One habit I’ve gotten into is placing stars on our kitchen calendar so Sylvia and I can see at a glance those days when we have doctor’s appointments, scheduled meetings, or special events we’re obligated to attend. At the first of the month, here’s what our September is looking like:

And I’m glad my medicine cabinet is well stocked with Zyrtec. Dosing before bedtime seems necessary to get any kind of restful sleep, and dosing in the morning is important to making it through the day without all those horrible allergy symptoms.

Hope we all have a good night, folks. I’ll check back with you in the morning.

Good night, Saturday

Meh, it’s been an acceptable Saturday. Nothing to brag about, but nothing to complain about either.

Never did make it to 17:00 Mass this evening, but I didn’t really need to attend it. I will be at tomorrow’s 10:00 Mass, and as long as I get there early I’ll be able to take are of everything I was planning to do this evening. So… no biggy.

Hoping for a good night’s sleep. I SHALL dose with the Zyrtec before putting head to pillow to help make it so.

I’ll check with you in the morning, folks. Good night, all