Having A Double-Strength Monday…

…and that’s not a particularly good thing, lemme tell ya’.

Perhaps it’s because last night was filled with MUCH more insomnia than sleep; coupled with the fact that Mondays are, well… you know, Mondays. Whatever. And couple that with an unusually bad allergy day. Oh well…

At least I am moving through the day’s task list. There is that.

Yesterday’s Tuxedo Men

Yesterday afternoon I was a Tuxedo Man. St. Thomas More Catholic School has an annual mathematics competition and, near the end of the school year, awards prizes to those students at all grade levels who scored the highest. At the awards ceremony the winners are escorted, one by one, to the stage where they are recognized for their achievement. As each winner is announced, the student is escorted to the stage by a Tuxedo Man. Along with two other members of the Knights of Columbus Council at St. Thomas More, I was one of the Tuxedo Men at yesterday’s awards ceremony.

Relearning Vim: practice, practice, practice…

It is something of a mystery to me why I have this sudden, strong urge to relearn and begin using the Vim text editor again. It has been many years since text editors were tools I used on a regular basis. And I’m not involved in nor am I imagining myself becoming involved in a project where Vim would be required or even desired.

Yet,… here I am, retraining my fingers and reshaping those thought patterns common to folks who hang out in the Vim universe.

Maybe it has something to do with the season of Lent, a time for letting go of non-essentials and refocusing on what’s most important. Or maybe it’s a consequence of my disgust at so much Fake News being promoted by formerly trusted institutions, and a desire to embrace something real, and true, and basic. I don’t know.

Whatever. I’ve got tutorials to work through, and practice, practice, practice to do. And it feels good. 🙂

My new hang out

Yep, I activated my membership at the Gold’s Gym on Austin Highway this afternoon. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it over there two or three times per week.

This is part of an overall improve-Roscoe’s-health project that I’ve been taking more seriously for the past week. And I’ll write more about that later.