Mmm… Brownies!

Sylvia just baked a pan of brownies and me oh my are they ever GOOD!

I started this Saturday with an hour or two of yard work: using my new pooper scooper to rid the yard of dog crap left by a neighbor’s dog, using weed eater and leaf blower to tidy up part of the lawn by the front siidewalk, etc. It does look better now; smells better, too. And I wrapped up the work before the heat of the day kicked in.

Back in the house I watched Oklahoma win their early afternoon football game and enjoyed Sylvia’s cooking.

Now it’s time to get myself together for this evening’s work with the Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree. We are to be on hand for the White Mass held on the campus of Incarnate Word University. Hopefully there’ll be some photos to share from that event.

Okay then, time for me to get busy again. I’ll get back to you later.

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The 16 Commandments for Growing Old

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It’s good to be old.

A few weeks ago I received a Jury Summons ordering me to appear for jury selection next Monday at 08:00 with the form filled out. Looking over the form this afternoon I saw that there was a phone number I could call if I claimed exemption from the duty. One of the reasons that could disqualify me is my age. According to the form, a person can be disqualified if he is over 70 years old. AHA! I happen to be exactly 70 years and nine months old.

This afternoon I phoned the Office of Juror Selection and explained my situation. The nice lady on the phone explained that all I needed to do was fill out the form completely, noting the reason I was claiming exemption, and mail it to her office. The form will go out with tomorrow’s mail, And I’m glad that I won’t have to appear at the courthouse on Monday morning.

It’s good to be old!

Good night, Tuesday

Despite the allergy symptoms and the heat, this was a productive day in the Roscoe-verse.

As my sleeps go, last night was a good one. I went to bed early, only woke once for a very brief time, then woke with my first alarm at 05:00. “Woke” is a relative term because the allergies combined with the meds taken to blunt the allergy symptoms had me semi-groggy from the moment my feet hit the floor until, well… now, actually.

Mid-morning I finally spoke with a city clerk who knew what she was doing, (the one I spoke with yesterday was basically clueless, poor thing,) and made arrangements to have the big branches hauled away from my front yard.

Noonish, I walked to my barber shop for a VERY needed haircut. And I walked back home. This gave me two miles of walking exercise which I probably need as much as the haircut.

After an afternoon siesta I cancelled the individual mastodon instance that I’ve been running for the past month. The Terms Of Service at the French hosting company where my server was hosted changed. They became disturbingly onerous to this freedom loving American used to our First Amendment Free Speech protections. So I simply shut down my server.

And now the eyelids are growing heavy, the bed against the wall is looking more inviting, and sleep is fast approaching. Time for me to start shutting things down in this joint. See you all tomorrow.