Good morning, Wednesday

At 08:30 the day’s second cup of coffee has been drunk and I’m ready for the third. The sun is shining brightly and this day promises to be a good one in the Roscoe-verse.

My ride should be here soon to take me into town where I have a few chores to run. One of those chores, as I mentioned last night, is picking up my new eye glasses.

Hoping we all have a Happy Humpday, I’ll check back with you later.

Good night, Tuesday

At approx. 22:00 I’m about to close the book on another good day. This “nothing” day has been restful and recuperative just as I hoped it would be. Two naps today helped: one about 1/2 hour long came in the late morning, and I surprised myself by drifting into another that was nearly an hour long in the late afternoon.

Tomorrow’s “something” day will start early and will include a trip to the eye doctor’s office to pick up the new pair of eye glasses. These should make a significant difference in how I see. And I am REALLY looking forward to that.

The triple-digit heat continues, so I’ll be asking Sylvia to drive me around tomorrow. That will save me from the three-mile walk I’d otherwise be making from the house, to the bus stop, to the eye doctor, and back again. That’s really a pleasant walk when the weather is moderate, and I do need that exercise, but under this heat… nah.

Hoping for a good night’s sleep for all of us. I’ll check back with you tomorrow.

Good morning, Tuesday

At approx. 08:00, the day ahead looks easy. For those keeping score, this will be a “nothing” day sandwiched, as all “nothing” days are, between two “something” days. Yesterday saw me working through quite a few chores, and tomorrow will be pretty busy, too. Today will have me resting from the former while saving my strength for the later. Ordering my days like this seems to be working quite well.

One thing on today’s agenda will be a serious siesta. Last night’s sleep was very short, so a good nap will be called for to catch up on what was missed.

Hope we all have a great day! I’ll check back with you later.

Good night, Monday

All things considered, this has been a pretty good day in the Roscoe-verse. The chores that I had set for myself (and the one Sylvia gave me) were all accomplished smoothly and without any problems. No major surprises came my way, I’m glad to say.

Much less time was spent on the Internet than is usually the case, and that’s good. Spare time between chores was spent between the covers of a good book: Robert E. Howard’s The People of the Black Circle, one of his earlier Conan the Barbarian stories. I didn’t have time to finish this novella today, but I’m deeply into it and enjoying the read tremendously.

Hopefully I’ll get to enjoy a good night’s sleep, and hopefully you will, too. I’ll check back with you tomorrow.

Good morning, Monday

With my first cup of coffee at 06:00. The fog of last night’s sleep is slowly lifting. and the memory of last night’s vivid dream is fading.

Boy oh boy, the danger of eating a banana before bedtime was brought home to me last night. You’ve heard that, haven’t you? It is said that eating a banana shortly before falling asleep will increase the chances of having wild dreams. Last night I did, and it surely did. What a wacky one!

I hope the day ahead is free of wackiness. Hope it brings peaceful productivity instead. We’ll see. I’ll get back to you later.

Good night, Sunday

As Sunday’s go, this one has been okay.

A goal set for this day, to spend as much of it as possible indoors under the a/c, was achieved. Yay me! Heh. The only outing was a grocery shopping trip this morning before the really serious heat of the day kicked in. You know it’s hot when the common topic of conversation at the store, among South Texans accustomed to hot summers, is about how darned hot it is.

At just a shade after 21:00 I can feel the sleepiness coming on. So soon I’ll be putting head to pillow.

Hope we all have a comfortable, restful night’s sleep. I’ll check in with you tomorrow, Lord willing.

Good morning and Happy Sunday

Freshly brewed coffee is in my cup, and the South Texas sun is shining brightly.

It’s going to be another hot one, so I’ll be looking for things to do where it’s air conditioned.

Hope your day is safe and comfortable, too. I’ll check back with you later.

Good morning, Saturday

At ~ 09:30 this fine Saturday morning I’m barely awake, having crawled out of the sack less than an hour ago from one of the best night’s sleeps I’ve had in a good long while. Being fully awake probably won’t happen for another hour or so. That’s an old folks thing: waking up being a process that usually takes about two hours. Those of you who, like me, have reached a certain fullness of age will understand. The rest of you, just wait.

Today’s main chore will be serving as Lector this evening at Mass. Thank God Sylvia will be here to drive me so I won’t have to walk over to the church during the peak heat of the day! We’re still in the middle of our triple-digit heat wave, temperatures topping 100 every day for over a week now and promising to continue well into next week – at least. So a goal for today will be to spend as much time inside under the a/c as possible.

I’ll check back with you later, folks. Take care.

Good night, Friday

As Fridays go, you’ve been very good to me. And I appreciate that.

This has been a quiet, relaxing day; just what I needed; sandwiched as it is between the physically active yesterday and a busy tomorrow.

Other than working on my chess games (I am carrying a bigger load of those now than is normal for me) the most active thing I’ve done today is dinner out at a restaurant with Sylvia.

With a bellyful of good food in my system, sleep should come easily tonight. As a matter of fact, I can almost feel the tryptophan kicking in right now. And that bed over against the wall is looking mighty inviting.

Good night, everyone. I’ll get back to you tomorrow.