President Trump is absolutely right!

Despite the hysterical fear-mongering you may hear from the MSM and the liberal financial press, the United States is NOT in any danger of suffering much if anything from the recession happening in other parts of the world!


So many pundits were confused by President Trump’s tweet. They called it “cryptic” and spun silly theories about the meaning behind it.

All they had to do was a little research as Thomas Wictor did, and they would see the President was quoting VP Mike Pence from an earlier speech, and the meaning would be very clear.

Amen, President Trump! Amen!

“Joe Biden is a reclamation project.”

I stand with President Trump!

And I’m proud to link to his official 2020 campaign website. After this post has scrolled of the front page, clicking on the “Trump 2020” graphic near the top of this blog’s sidebar will take you to his 2020 campaign website.