A Tuesday Recovery Day

I note at 12:30 on this early afternoon that I finally feel fully recovered from the weekend’s work. Both Saturday and Sunday brought me MUCH MORE physical activity out in the hot sun than is. the norm.

Sunday evening after returning home from the afternoon spent at a Life Chain March and related activities with San Antonio Pro-Life people I found it hard to cool off. Even though I was sitting in my air-conditioned room I felt hot. The last days of our Indian Summer (100 degree temperatures both Saturday and Sunday) had taken their toll on my. Four hours out in the sun on Saturday afternoon and three hours Sunday were just about as much as I could bear.

Waking on Monday morning the effects of the weekend were still very much on me. I was half ill all morning. Finally, by late Monday afternoon I was returning to normal. And today, thank God, I’m back to my old self, fully recovered from the weekend.

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Good night, Monday

Despite the extremely high pollen count again today, I was able to get a good amount of work done. Starting on the front yard early, as soon as Sylvia left for her first job, I finished cutting and moving the debris from that big branch that fell last week. It was good to get that out of the way before the day’s serious heat kicked in.

About Noon I took the weed eater and leaf blower out front and tidied things up quite a bit. The lawn actually looks okay again

Mondays are always laundry days for me and I took care of that chore in a timely manner. Made moves in all my ongoing correspondence chess games, too.

As the evening winds down I’m listening to radio play by play of tonight’s Bears / Redskins game and hoping the allergy meds can control the evil sinuses and allow for a good night’s sleep.

Hope you all have a good night. We’ll check back with you tomorrow.

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Too tired to make it to Mass

I had been planning to go to 5:00 Mass this evening, but I am just too tired to make it. A very short night’s sleep last night, and a full morning’s work out in the front yard from 7:00 AM to Noon cutting apart the big branch that fell during the storm a few days ago have left me deeply fatigued. Falling asleep in the pew would be a distinct possibility. And that would not be good at all.

So I’ll plan on going to the 10:00AM Mass tomorrow. That might be for the best anyway. There will be at least one guy at that morning Mass who I should speak to.

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Thunder and lightning and pouring down rain! My Goodness it’s been a long time since we’ve had rain like this! The weatherman on TV this evening said we had a chance of this happening and it seems he was right!

No telling how long this will last. The rain might help me sleep tonight if it continues long enough. It will be nice to break the string of insomnia nights I’ve been having lately. And if the rain washes some of the pollen out of the air, my sinuses will be MOST appreciative.

Oh yeah, as you’ve probably noticed I’ve been taking advantage of the WordPress post-by-email feature. It’s really quite handy. There are things it can do that I’ve not yet taken advantage of, but I shall get to them in time.

Hope you all have a good night, kids. And I hope I do, too. Check back with you tomorrow.

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Listening to the radio broadcast of…

…this afternoon’s Mets/Rockies MLB game.

I’m owed some Zs as a result of last night’s insomnia. Dimming the lights, laying back in my recliner, listening to a baseball game: yeah, this ought to help me relax into midday nap.

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Good night, Tuesday

Though it got off to a very sleepy start (I fell asleep in the recliner and had to give Sylvia a 2nd wake up call to get her up and on her way to work) the day did become productive.

As I’ve been threatening for the last week or so (threatening myself), I finally started podcasting. No, I’m not using Sound Cloud, or PodBean, or any other "service" to do this. I’m just talking into my phone, recording with a basic voice recorder app, and posting the resulting mp3 file to this blog. Super, super simple.

Eventually I’ll add a page to my Roscoe’s Story website to store the podcasts in an archive for anyone who ever wants to listen to them. Maybe I’ll start on that tomorrow. Eventually, for sure

All things considered, this has been a good Tuesday in the Roscoe-verse. I’ll check back with you tomorrow.

Is rain finally coming?

According to the weatherman I just saw on TV, we have a pretty good chance of rain over the next few days.

If it does rain that means the grass will start growing again and I’ll have to haul out the mower. Huh! It’s been a good month since I’ve had to mow the lawn.