It’s good to be old.

A few weeks ago I received a Jury Summons ordering me to appear for jury selection next Monday at 08:00 with the form filled out. Looking over the form this afternoon I saw that there was a phone number I could call if I claimed exemption from the duty. One of the reasons that could disqualify me is my age. According to the form, a person can be disqualified if he is over 70 years old. AHA! I happen to be exactly 70 years and nine months old.

This afternoon I phoned the Office of Juror Selection and explained my situation. The nice lady on the phone explained that all I needed to do was fill out the form completely, noting the reason I was claiming exemption, and mail it to her office. The form will go out with tomorrow’s mail, And I’m glad that I won’t have to appear at the courthouse on Monday morning.

It’s good to be old!

A Tuesday Recovery Day

I note at 12:30 on this early afternoon that I finally feel fully recovered from the weekend’s work. Both Saturday and Sunday brought me MUCH MORE physical activity out in the hot sun than is. the norm.

Sunday evening after returning home from the afternoon spent at a Life Chain March and related activities with San Antonio Pro-Life people I found it hard to cool off. Even though I was sitting in my air-conditioned room I felt hot. The last days of our Indian Summer (100 degree temperatures both Saturday and Sunday) had taken their toll on my. Four hours out in the sun on Saturday afternoon and three hours Sunday were just about as much as I could bear.

Waking on Monday morning the effects of the weekend were still very much on me. I was half ill all morning. Finally, by late Monday afternoon I was returning to normal. And today, thank God, I’m back to my old self, fully recovered from the weekend.

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