Good morning and happy Friday!

Well, TGIF!

At 04:30 on this Friday morning I am two hours awake from a bumpy five-hour sleep segment, which is about the best that I can hope for these days. Fortunately for me my lifestyle offers me the possibility of grabbing cat naps throughout the day, most days, so I can give my body and mind the rest they need. And I anticipate this being one of those days.

There is only one of the weekly chores remaining to be accomplished of those I’d set for myself on Monday morning, and I’ve got all the prep work done for that. All that’s left now is simply the doing of it, and if I can manage an hour or two of productive work between naps, it will be done. Then I can relax into what will hopefully be peaceful, enjoyable weekend.

So I’m looking for a good day today. Hope you have one, too. 😀

Another good day wraps up!

At ~16:30 I shift from the “work” part of my day to the “easy” part. During this shifting I police the kitchen, washing the day’s dishes; then clean myself, showering and shaving so I’ll be presentable when Sylvia returns home from her work day.

She and I will sometimes share dinner, and often watch a few favorite TV shows together. Or sometimes we’ll go out to eat. I’m not sure what tonight’s plans are, but I’ll be cleaned up and ready for anything.

This has been a good day.

At ~17:20 on Wednesday, I’m happy to note that this has been my most productive day of the week thus far. Despite a rather sluggish start to the week (Monday I was really dragging and yesterday I was semi-zoned out) it now looks like I’ll be able to accomplish the week’s chores by this weekend. 😀