Tired at the end of day, but…

It’s a good kind of fatigue, this evening’s. This has been a productive day, and it comes at the end of a productive week.

The upper body is still sore from all the physical work I did in the garage and out in the backyard earlier in the week. But given my age and fitness level, that’s to be expected. The soreness will moderate over time, it always does. It never goes away completely. Since I’ve made the decision to stop taking the pain medication, my doctor told me it was starting to give me kidney disease, aches are my constant companion. That’s a trade off I gladly make, choosing the moderate pain over trashing my kidneys.

Work here at the keyboard has gone well this week, too. Transferring my domain and this blogging hobby to a new hosting service only cost me one day of offline time. And this new Roscoe’s Story blog is shaping up nicely. There is still much work to do on it, improvements I want to make, etc. But every day progress is being made, and I’m satisfied with the pace of it.

Logistics regarding our move to the Philippines continue to shape up. And the expense of shipping several large boxes of household goods, etc, is something I’ve been able to work successfully into the budget this week. Seeing that project move forward brings happiness.

When the head hits pillow tonight I’ll be smiling. And sleep will probably come quickly.

With my morning coffee…

The day’s task list begins to take shape:

  • News reached me early this morning that a friend was hit with a heart attack. He had surgery and two stints were put in. So… prayers for David.
  • Sylvia just told me a girl friend of hers will be meeting her here when she gets off work, and the two of them will go shopping. She wants to buy a new dress for this Sunday’s Mass. So… I’ll be in charge of my own dinner tonight. I’m fine with that.
  • Work on my current correspondence chess games, that’s a daily given. Important to do this when my mental acuity is at an acceptable level and I can be assured of no distractions. Probably after a midday nap.
  • Hopefully there’ll be time to set up the good nativity set. And maybe find a place in here to set up a small Christmas tree? We’ll see.
  • And, of course, there’s a lot of work needing to be done on this blog, more than can be done in any one day. An About page and a Links page both need to be built. And a Contact page. And there are plug-ins I want to find and install to enhance the functionality of this thing. If I can make just a little progress every day on developing the blog, I’ll be happy. Eventually it’ll be where I want it to be.

And here we are…

Roscoe’s Story has moved to a new and better place. This domain is parked and blog is being hosted at Epik, a company with an attitude much more in alignment with mine. That’s a good thing.

It will take a little while for me to setup the features we’ve become used to, but that process begins now. The adventure continues.