Journal – Feb. 2020

26 Feb. 2020 ~06:15
Waking this morning with wonky sinuses. Hope they clear up soon. This Wednesday will be pretty challenging if they don’t.

25 Feb. 2020 ~09:00
Today has already been a busy day at the computer, but hopefully it will be a rest and recovery day, physically at least. Still sore from the unusual amount of work yesterday.

24 Feb. 2020 ~15:00
My self-assigned chores of the day are all accomplished, mostly. She came home from work early today, we ate a good lunch at a favorite restaurant, and now she’s dozing on the couch. Good. She needs her rest.

23 Feb. 2020 ~17:00
All things considered, it’s been a very good Sunday. Started with a KofC breakfast / party honoring the 50th Wedding Anniversary of a brother Knight and his wife, then a quick shopping trip, a video chat visit with daughter and her boyfriend in Germany prior to them boarding a plane for a month-long visit, then some cleaning, and other preparations for the visit. Now, hopefully, it’s time to relax. Tomorrow’s going to be a long day.

22 Feb. 2020 ~07:00
The day ahead looks to be a good one. As long as I take it easy and keep the arthritis in check without taking pain meds and make it through evening Mass without stumbling.

21 Feb. 2020 ~13:15
Today’s primary chore will be practicing my recital of Sunday’s Mass readings. I’m scheduled to be Lector Saturday evening and I don’t want to trip over the words when I’m up at the microphone in front of the congregation. There’s no telling what free time I’ll have tomorrow during the day to practice, so this afternoon I start doing it.

20 Feb. 2020 ~12:00
Just like yesterday, the weather outside is cold and wet. But my attitude could hardly be sunnier. The close in time our summer vacation comes, the happier and more excited I become.

19 Feb. 2020 ~09:30
Another cold, wet day is happening outside. Perfect weather for me to stretch out on the recliner in the front room and hope for enough nap time to make up for last night’s insomnia.

18 Feb. 2020 ~17:00
Whew! Made it through another billing cycle with all my accounts still in the black. was getting a bit worried there for awhile.

17 Feb. 2020 ~14:30
Some days it takes extra amounts of time and energy to kick myself out of the weekend mode of being and into the normal work week routine. This seems to have been one of those days. But finally I’m making good progress on the regular Monday chores.

16 Feb. 2020 ~12:00
Fealt bad about missing Mass today, but it would have been necessary for me to take pain meds to deal with my neck, shoulder, and arm. And I’m trying to stay away from the pain meds to avoid further kidney damage.

15 Feb. 2020 ~13:15
Again the weather and arthritis are mild enough to let me consider doing some yardwork this afternoon. Today’s work, however much of it I do, will be in the back yard.
Update ~18:15 No yardwork today. Right arm and shoulder got wonky again before I was able to haul out the lawnmower, so I opted to stay in and watch TV.


14 Feb. 2020 ~09:30
That horrible old man across the street is noise-polluting the neighborhood again. I am NOT going to miss him when I move away this Summer!

13 Feb. 2020 ~15:05
My right arm, shoulder, and entire spinal column feel better today than they have for… some weeks. I’m not sure why. Could this be the result of my taking off the consecration bracelet I’ve been wearing on my right wrist for some months? Who knows? But I felt so pain-free (well, practically) that I actually got a bit of yard work done!