Olivia de Havilland: Awesome Indeed

The following tweet from National Review Online refers to the famous actress who starred in the 1939 movie, Gone With The Wind.


The short post we find when following the link in the tweet contains some things that brighten my Friday morning.

Though her acting days are behind her she’s still very active, serving as a lector at the American Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Paris. That fact in itself brings me a happy smile.

And in discussing the responsibilities of the lector and what is required to perform that liturgical role properly, the longer article quotes de Havilland as she refers to her former profession:

“I once asked Jimmy Cagney, ‘just what is acting?’ He said at first, ‘I dunno . . .’ But then he said, ‘All I know is that you have to mean what you say.’”

Olivia de Havilland, still actively serving as a lector at her church, and quoting her friend, Jimmy Cagney. Wow! Just, Wow!