Bombarded by apples – last night’s strange dream.

26mar12.txt –

Mon Mar 26 13:26:02 2012

Last night’s sleep, though short (only 6.5 hours, from 23:00 to 05:30), was restful and brought a dream.

The dream had me as a young guy, possibly a high school senior, walking through a neighborhood that was an altered version of one in which I used to live, and interacting with folks I’ve never seen before.

A girl called to me from a side window of the house I was passing by. She asked me to come to her front porch and help; she said her family was being terrorized by some thugs. Running up to her porch, I saw some older boys across the street throwing apples at her house, and at some other houses nearby, and at cars driving along the road. When the boys saw me on the porch they took careful aim and started throwing at me. Apples. Big, red apples. Huh. What a waste of good fruit!