Baby in a gutter, young woman in the sewer – last night’s strange dream.

28mar12.txt –

Wed Mar 28 10:09:23 2012

Last night’s 8-hour sleep was segmented (from 23:30 to 04:30, and from 06:30 to 09:30) and brought a detailed dream.

The dream took place near an intersection in my neighborhood. I had stopped into a convenience store at the corner of St. Mary’s and Commerce Streets and was very surprised to find the coolers and shelves, usually so full of merchandise, nearly empty. Passing by the store’s big windows I noticed something very disturbing happening across the street. A baby was in the gutter, and seemed to be moving steadily toward a sewer grate.

Though most folks seemed oblivious to what was happening to the small child, I ran out of the store and waited for a break in traffic so I could race over to the baby’s rescue. Unfortunately, before I could get there, I saw the tiny thing slide down into the sewer through a large opening in the grate.

When I looked down, hoping to find the baby still close enough for me to reach in and grab, I was surprised at I saw. Rather than the darkness I expected, a well-lit scene presented itself. Three or four feet below the grate was a large flat stone, and five or six feet below that the gravel-bottomed tunnel of the sewer itself extending into the distance.

There was no sign of the baby I hoped to see. Rather, there was a frightened young woman in a torn black dress crouched about ten feet away from me in the tunnel, looking briefly at me, then racing away down a side tunnel.

“Inside the Bat Cave!” – comic book art from All-Star Western #5

After nearly drowning, after fighting off a strange horde of subterranean savages, and after an arduous climb, Jonah Hex and Dr. Arkham are attacked by a giant bat. When Jonah declares, “Dammit! Ah HATE Gotham,” I really can’t blame him.

"Inside the Bat Cave!" - comic book art from All-Star Western #5

From the first story in All-Star Western #5, written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, with art by Moritat, the comic book published by DC Comics.