One restless sleep, two very weird dreams – what the Sandman brought last night.

30mar12.txt –

Fri Mar 30 08:44:36 2012

Last night wasn’t a good one for sleeping nor for dreaming. The sleep was a very uncomfortable and segmented 5.5 hours: from 21:30 to 23:30, and from 03:30 to 07:00. For the discomfort and restlessness my evil sinuses must bear most of the blame.

The dreams of each sleep segment were much different from each other. An interesting period of lucid dreaming came at the start of the first sleep. This was very visual in nature. It had me watching as the furniture in my front room (the chairs, tables, shelves, etc.) morphed from it’s normal appearance into a classic Victorian style.

The second sleep brought a more traditional dream that had me moving through no fewer than four different scenarios:

1.) Commuting to work and then back home by bicycle during a winter storm.

2.) Having a very bad UPS delivery day, one in which I wasn’t able to deliver all the packages that I’d been sent out with.

3.) Trying to telephone my employer with information about my late arrival, but being unable to make phone contact.

4.) Living in a domestic situation and watching the wife wash the carcass of some mysterious large bird that we’d been given prior to cooking it.

BLAMM BLAMM – comic book art from The lone Ranger, Vol. 2 #2.

Boys and girls, we all know that one thing we should never, ever do in this life is draw a gun on the old Lone Ranger. Right? That’s a lesson Clay Woodson learned the hard way one night in Abilene, Kansas.

BLAMM BLAMM - comic book art from The lone Ranger, Vol. 2 #2.

From The Lone Ranger, Vol. 2 #2, the comic book written by Ande Parks, with art by Esteve Polls, and published by Dyanamite Entertainment.