A Fischer Random Chess Win by Resignation

This server-based Fischer Random correspondence chess game began in early February and ended a few days ago when my opponent playing White resigned after my 12…Rb1+, giving me the win by default with my Black army.

We’d already swapped Queens, and I was about to go a Rook up on him, which would have put me at a significant material advantage. Also, his King would soon have found itself wandering defenseless in the open board, while mine was safe and secure, giving me positional advantage as well.

Though this game was only 12 moves old, my advantage was clearly overwhelming. And checkmating his King was only a matter of mathematics away. White was right to resign here.

The opening board we were assigned, our move record, and position of pieces at game’s end:


1. b4 Ngf6 2. f3 O-O 3. c4 c5 4. Nd3 b6 5. bxc5 bxc5 6. Nh3 Qxb1 7. Rxb1 Nd6 8. Ne5 g6 9. d3 Ba5 10. Ba4 Rb8 11. Rxb8 Rxb8 12. Kg1 Rb1+