Renew #Fringe! Please!

One of the few TV Shows I currently follow is Fringe, now airing in its fourth season. Rumor has it that FOX is debating whether to renew this series for another season or let it end after this one. I SO HOPE they decide to renew it!

If you want it to be renewed, too, here’s a chance to… Vote to keep Fringe.

renew fringe

2 thoughts on “Renew #Fringe! Please!

  1. I just voted to keep the show. I consider Fringe to be one of the most creative programs currently being aired. It manages to deal with supernatural issues without copying other series.

  2. Well, Carolyn, if the show does get renewed we can pat ourselves on the back for maybe having contributed to that. And if it doesn’t, at least we can say that we tried. 🙂

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