Mail at Mass, and a walk in Autumn – last night’s two dreams

10apr12.txt –

Tue Apr 10 18:01:52 2012

Last night’s sleep was long enough (9 hours – from 23:00 to 08:00), but it was only moderately restful. Its last few hours were filled with much tossing and turning. It did, however, bring two detailed, entertaining dreams.

In the first dream I was attending Mass at the Cathedral. When it became time to take up collection the baskets were passed around as usual, and as usual, I dropped in my weekly offering. Then a second collection was taken up and the baskets were passed around again. Nothing out of the ordinary there. But then, to my surprise, a packet of my as yet undelivered mail was passed down the pew to me. WTF?

The second dream had me walking down a leaf strewn sidewalk, near sunset, in what must have been an Indiana small town in Autumn. I could smell a leaf fire burning somewhere in the neighborhood, and I noticed other folks walking along, glancing admiringly at a big house set some distance off the sidewalk. Then I turned up the path toward that house and realized, with a sense of comfortable pride, that it was my house.