Working hard and lost in a hotel – last night’s two dreams.

14apr12.txt –

Sat Apr 14 21:01:57 2012

Last night’s 7.5-hour sleep was segmented (from 00:00 to 05:00, and from 06:00 to 08:30) and brought a pair of very detailed dreams.

The first dream moved through three distinct stages. The first had me trying to run a local delivery service with one very hard-working employee. The second stage had my employee and me trying to coordinate our activities with a Korean family running a very busy home-cooking food-delivery operation. This dream’s third stage had me working as the business agent for a young singer. I was trying to book her an appearance at a pageant of some kind that was being organized by a Black preacher.

In the night’s second dream I was lost with a group of other residents in a huge hotel complex. We had been escorted by a staff member from our rooms to a big dining room, but the staff member abandoned us on the way back. When I managed to unlock a door at the end of a hallway, we found ourselves entering an up-scale hospital section that none of us had ever seen before. The nurses were very upset with us.