Escape from a desert prison, etc. – last night’s dream

20apr12.txt –

Fri Apr 20 13:22:02 2012

Last night’s 7.5-hour sleep was one of the most uncomfortable and restless I’ve had recently. From 00:30 to 08:00 there was far too much tossing and turning, and far too little sleep for my liking. There was, however, a long, detailed, and entertaining dream that came with it.

There were two distinct stages to last night’s dream. In the first, I was held prisoner in the desert by a group of Muslim terrorists. After some time I was able to make my escape through a system of caves under the sand.

In the second stage of the same dream I’d returned to my home, a comfortable house in a quiet American neighborhood. There I was entertained by the antics of three kids who lived next door, two brothers and their younger sister.