Rainbows, an old truck, strangers in my rooms, and flirty goth girls – last night’s dreams.

25apr12.txt – https://docs.google.com/document/d/154MJpJMr2FpUIolUO9XnEJ_pCL7AWoKRv514x6BVFV4/edit

Wed Apr 25 17:40:08 2012

Last night’s 7-hour sleep was segmented (from 00:30 to 05:30, and from 06:00 to 08:30), and only moderately restful. It brought no fewer than four dreams: two in the first segment and two in the second.

Briefly summarized and listed in the order they came:

1.) Visions of rainbows floating in the sky and wearing white, bell-bottomed trousers.

2.) The start of a bad UPS delivery day, in which I was nearly dispatched with several packages that should have gone to other drivers, and in which I was nearly sent out driving a very, very old truck: one which was an actual antique.

3.) There were strangers in my rooms who were mostly ignoring me, and who seemed interested in digging through all my stuff.

4.) While I was trying to play what seemed to be a combination Vampirella-themed pin-ball machine and casino slot machine, I was distracted by three black-haired and barely dressed goth girls who were very actively flirting with me.