Dual Booting Ubuntu 12.04 and MSWin 7 – screenshots

My current main computer dual boots from Debian Grub, giving me the option to choose either MS Windows 7 on its partion, or Ubuntu 12.04 on its own separate partitions. No, I don’t use “Virtual Boxes.” When I set up a dual boot machine I repartition the hard drive and have each Operating System live totally independent of the other.

dual-boot Ubuntu12.04

Honestly, I don’t spend much time in the MS Windows OS; I only keep it active for the sake of those few websites and tools that demand it. Almost all my time with this machine is spent in Linux, the superior Operating System..

dual-boot MSWin 7

The wallpaper shared by both OSs is one I found recently and is fun to use. It shows the true nature of this machine.

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  1. Yep, I agree. After spending time with Linux, going back to MSWindows, even if only once in a while, isn’t the most pleasant experience

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