An earworm and ships on the ocean – last night’s dreams.

04May12.txt –

Fri May 4 11:39:17 2012

Last night’s 7-hour sleep, from 23:30 to 06:30, was only moderately restful. It was, however, an improvement over most that have been coming lately. And it brought two interesting dreams.

The first dream of the night came as I was in the process of drifting off but hadn’t quite. A lucid dream of auditory nature, it had a simple melody of a few chords being played over and over. I could recognize the melody as either the theme song or bumper music of a show that I either presently follow or have recently followed. I couldn’t identify the show, but the song was very, very familiar.

The second dream was visual and very detailed. I was a bodiless observer watching a convoy of ships making its way across a stormy ocean at night.