Working with the Kindle Fire

Earlier this week I received a new Kindle Fire from Amazon and moving along the learning curve of this little beast is proving to be an interesting experience. Firstly, I really like it! But secondly, I’m finding it to be not as fully functional as my other tablet, the Visio VTab8.

What apps I can get from the Amazon Store seem to work superbly. The WordPress app I’m using to compose and upload this post, for example. But the Kindle Fire won’t let me access many of my favotite Android apps.

So… it has yet to be determined exactly what role this new device will play in my family of computers. It’ll be much more than a back up for the slightly larger VTab8, that’s for sure. 🙂

update – 19 May: After having spent more time with the Kindle Fire, I’m liking it even more. The apps I previously thought I couldn’t load onto the Fire are mostly all on it now. I just had to learn how to look for them from this device. A few things do work better on the VTab (Gmail, notably), but the smaller, lighter Fire is more comfortable to use.