Jet Girl, seriously stylin’ – comic book art from Tank Girl: Carioca #3

Usually seen dressed in scruffy, dirty flight gear, and either flying her Harrier Jump Jet or accompanying Tank Girl in a wild adventure or crime spree, Jet Girl has been absent from the main story line as it has developed in Tank Girl: Carioca. The reason for her absence? A long-forgotten, distant, and extremely wealthy relative died and left her his country estate and the entirety of his assets. And she has been enjoying her new lifestyle.

However, when an astral projection informs her that Tank Girl is in dire trouble, Jet Girl grabs a gun and prepares to go save her friend… in high style.

Jet Girl, stylin'

From Tank Girl: Carioca #3, written by Alan Martin, with art by Mick McMahon, and published by Titan Magazines.