Selecting my evening’s anime.

Selecting my anime.

After a quiet but acceptably productive day, I’m preparing to relax and watch a little TV. Since I’ve long ago “cut the cord” and no longer subscribe to Cable or Satellite Services, much of my television viewing is done through the Internet-connected Roku Box. Seen here is the screen displaying Roku’s Crunchy Roll Channel, my primary source for anime. And I’m in the process of selecting the Queen’s Blade series, my current favorite.

3 thoughts on “Selecting my evening’s anime.

  1. Is that channel expensive or is it free, looks really interesting. Not very familiar with how Roku works.

  2. The Roku Channel is free. You have the option of linking it to your account, if you have one. And has different levels of membership. The “basic” membership is 100% free, but ad supported and standard definition, and only allows access to some shows. Premium memberships at (I pay $6.95/month for mine) are ad free, HD, and give full access to all shows.

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