Cooked penguin in a big glass jar – last night’s dream.

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Mon Jun 11 06:23:49 2012

Last night’s 7.5-hour sleep, from 22:00 to 05:30, was moderately restful and brought a very detailed dream that had several distinct elements..

The dream had me as a much younger man, easily twenty or thirty years younger than I am now. Living in a barter society that, in other respects, was very similar to ours, I was involved with an attractive young woman who had two little children. She showed me a story she’d compiled on a tablet computer, a very well written story complete with pictures, that described her life history and current family situation.

Striking me as extremely odd, both in the dream and now that I remember it, was a going-away gift she gave me prior to her leaving on a business trip. She presented me with what appeared to be a cooked penguin in a big glass jar.