The Red Knight – comic book art from Call of Wonderland #1

Though the bulk of this book (the first of a four-part mini-series) is spent introducing us to Julie Sands, a university student interested in Lovecraftian literature, and to a mysterious book shown her by an equally mysterious librarian, the curvaceous Regina Depas, the last two pages finally take us to Wonder;and. And there we find the Red Knight.

Red Knight

From Call of Wonderland #1, the comic book recently published by Zenescope and coming with a lengthy list of credits:

Story: Dan Wickline, Raven Gregory, Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco

Writer: Dan Wickline

Pencils: Matt Triano and Nacho Arranz

Colors: Stephen Downer and Thomas Bonvillain

Letters: Jim Campbell

Editor: Raven Gregory and Ralph Tedesco