Losing a bicycle and a cup of coffee – last night’s strange dream.

16jun12.txt – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EubVxyeU0sV9LE6_gwjdnyk3UXjY-09QCbNJ_qYPfYE/edit

Sat Jun 16 10:21:04 2012

Last night’s 8-hour sleep was very segmented: six hours coming from 21:30 to 03:30, then two hours from 05:30 to 07:30.

Though the first sleep segment was dreamless, the shorter second segment brought a graphically detailed dream that moved through several loosely related scenes.

The first group of scenes started with me walking along the sidewalk across the street from my hotel, then had me renting a bicycle from one of the public stations nearby and riding the bike along that same sidewalk.

In the second group of scenes I’d decided to take the rented bike into my apartment, only the hotel I entered wasn’t exactly mine. Nobedy seemed to be home in any of the apartments I passed by, but all their doors were standing wide open.

Still in the strange hotel for the third group of scenes, I had lost the rented bicycle somehow and was worried about the trouble I’d be in if I was unable to return it. Trying to retrace my steps, I found my way back to my apartment where I poured myself a cup of coffee. Resuming the hunt for the missing bike I somehow managed to lose that cup of coffee, too.