Scheming and dreaming – last night.

25jun12 –

Last night’s 6-hour sleep was extremely segmented, with the first 4 hours coming from 21:00 to 01:00 and the second 2 hours coming from 04:30 to 06:30.

Though the longer first segment was dreamless, the second brought four very detailed dreams.

Main elements in each of those four:

1.) Finding the rear tire of a friend’s commuter bike nearly flat.

2.) Finding a house in which I was working to be infested with large but friendly gray mice.

3.) Watching a large goldfish swim lazily around and through an intricate sculpture in its large aquarium.

4.) Working as a tire-changer and dealing with impatient customers, a cantankerous mechanic, and a pair of dancing girls.

And it should be noted that last night’s 3.5-hour gap of wakefulness between the sleep segments was more productive than those things usually are. In addition to taking care of some online housekeeping (updating my Kindle book list and my weight chart) I was able to do more research and decision-making re: the upgrades I’ll be making to my computer system throughout these Summer months.