Working on a political campaign – last night’s dream.

Last night’s sleep and dream. – 03Jun12. –

Not particularly long nor comfortable, last night’s 6.5-hour sleep from 21:00 to 03:30 did bring a detailed, interesting dream: so there is that to say for it. This is right at the minimum amount of sleep needed to get me through a day. Some siesta time later would be welcome, and is hoped for, but isn’t really expected.

In last night’s dream I’d been recruited to work on a political campaign supporting a local candidate running for office. Our first big organizational meeting was held in a private home. I’d arrived early with an ice-filled cooler and some beer. Though not planning on doing much drinkinking, I did want to be sociable.

The campaign manager wasn’t happy when I answered his questions re: my honest opinion about his candidate. I thought he was too old and out of touch with the current situation to be very effective, unless he was merely intended to serve as a puppet for others who actually made his decisions and directed his actions. And I wanted to know more about those “behind the scenes” people and their agendas before I’d do much work on his behalf.

As the dream progressed many more people arrived at the house and some interesting conversations were had, but the candidate himself never showed up.