A jukebox, Peta Wilson, a magic snake, and a gunfight – last night’s wild dreams.

last night’s sleep and dreams – 14 July 2012 – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1S5dJq9I4m_TzgSBeaF4ftuWTG0_U0Z9XE5wfrnaTtwo/edit

Last night’s sleep was both uncomfortable and segmented. But, for all that, it was surprisingly healthful (that being determined by the weight-loss registered this morning on the bathroom scales) and very dream-filled.

The dreaming all occurred in the night’s second sleep segment and, as I remember it now, it’s not at all clear which came as separate dreams and which were tied together as scenes from a larger, more complicated one.

Listed in the order in which they came, the more significant scenes from last night’s dreaming:

1.) The first set me in an office complex of what I assumed to be a large law firm where I was newly hired. The most interesting thing here was a large jukebox in a central location to which we all had access and were encouraged to use. I was told the songs on it were mostly jazz standards, but I didn’t recognize the titles listed nor the performers.

2.) Next I found myself as a quiet observer to fantasy/horror scenes of an imagined episode from the La Femme Nikita TV series of the late 1990s starring Peta Wilson as Nikita. In this, she had gone undercover and infiltrated a terrorist organization led by a big snake that had magical powers. It was a very dangerous assignment.

3.) In the third dream I found a strange sense of satisfaction when, standing quietly in the shadows of a big front porch, I was recognized by a were-rat body guard who nodded at me as he walked along the sidewalk.

4.) The final dream of the night had me switch roles from that of a disembodied observer to an active participant. Nikita (from dream scene #2, mentioned above) was gagged and bound to a wooden chair in the snowy backyard of a big house. At her side (though it wasn’t clear whether or not he was on her side – in terms of allegiance, you understand) was a big, short-haired Russian agent armed with a seriously large calibre automatic handgun. The Russian was engaged in a firefight with a second agent hiding behind a corner of the house. During the course of that dream I “became” the big Russian, seeing through his eyes, firing his gun, rolling over the snow, etc.